Allmän Maven POM för Java jonand (en)


This is a parent POM that I use for the most of my own development and exercises. It inherits from mvn-common-java and just only customise the javadoc footer with some author information that not states the copyright. Except that does it employ all the settings inherited from its parent. The footer in the generated javadoc configured of this POM reads like this.

Jonny Andersson,, 2007, 2014

The mainly purpose to make this POM available from my Maven repository is to make it available for project source that use it and that I have shared with others. To get access to this POM must the repository at be added to the list of repositories in the project’s POM file or as a repository in an active profile in the local Maven settings as described at the Maven page.

0.01 – 2014-09-01

The initial version of this POM which contained everything not mentioned in any of the next releases below.

0.02 – 2014-11-05

Changed to parent version mvn-common-java:0.02

0.03 – 2016-02-29

Changed to parent version mvn-common-java:0.03